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Thursday, May 31st, 2007
6:17 pm
yay for graduation!
my brother graduated college. yay.

i never went......heh.....

wow....it's been forever....

so...uh...i'm alive.
i moved.

still in minnesota..
still in the 'ghetto'...
still like it..heh.

better than a box in a great neighborhood, huh? heh...

.....i gotta put some pictures up....i'm going to work on that...

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Sunday, December 17th, 2006
3:44 pm
good days/bad days
i'm over at my parents house right now....obviously...my broke ass doesn't have a computer....lol

my dads at his shop working on his machine... he works too much, now...

he was diagnosed with MS bout a week before thanksgiving.... he does alright sometimes... but other days he can hardly walk... theyre gunna put him on some meds soon, tho... on the 4th of jan. so that'll be good. its tough, tho...hes not usually the "get sick" type... heh.

he'll be alright, tho... he has to be...

Hmmmmm...i think my moms coming back now... time to *shudder* make more cookies!

sorry..the whole holiday spirit thing is a lil hard to get into right now...
plus....i'm not so sure i like cookies anymore............or making them, really.....

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Saturday, December 16th, 2006
4:37 pm
whoopity whoop whoop
so! it's almost christmas time......


anyone wanna know what i want??


1000 dollars an a big ol box of condoms.

*dies laughing*

weird combo....right?
the perfect combo!

that means i can pay my rent off (i'm way behind cuz of spencer) an have lots of baby-free fun!


but uh, for real....lol

i owe....1250 for rent by the 31st....then on the 3rd i owe 815. woooohooooo!! aint it great to be me? *kills spencer*

my landlord talked to him...(or tried to) but i don't know if he forked over any money....


so uh....yea.... just no dorky sweaters for christmas an i'll live...

i never really get what i want anyway... lol

...................anyone know how a pretty girl like me could make a thousand bucks (or two.. hehe) in a week??? (or less??) heh. seriously...

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Wednesday, October 18th, 2006
5:12 pm
it really has been a month.....

an its not better yet.

nope. not at all.

i guess i didn't expect it to be.... but shit...

*shoots herself in the face*

i'm so bored with my life right now.

the only two dudes i'm "talking to" right now....are like...both crazy...

one loves me to death an wants to move in with me an keeps blowing my phone up an calls me at all hours........but its too fast...i don't know him like that....
the other one...has a fricking girlfriend! an he's the damn one i want to come the fuck over more often.

oh my god. i'm a horrible person.


aksfjdklgjds *Dies*

no one calls me anymore. :/ cept crazy people.

an mandi. i love mandi. she's cool shit.

.......even tho we both drink WAY too much when we're together....(an she's my roommate!!) an sometimes don't remember things we do..........like arguing about which one of us gets to have our friend doug's babies......hahahaha

......oh my god i'm lame....

someone should call me............anyone? i don't know. lol
just don't call collect..... or expect any funny business.... i'm *cough* not like that.....anymore....

bah humbug. i don't even care...lol 763-350-5198

there it is.

blow it up.

make my day? heh...

btw...spencer still sucks................an i still love him........

(............i need much more expressive aliens.......)

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Wednesday, September 13th, 2006
4:56 pm
i hate myself so much right now........
talked to spencer last night.

he doesn't love me anymore.

for "a while now".

.......since before he went to california.

an he couldn't have told me sooner?

what the fuck am i?

....a fricken homing device for bad relationships......

he told me that he loved me every fricken day...every day.
i beleived him. i love him. i really do.

he says he "still cares about me"....*puke* but no love.
not for me.

i even asked about another girl....thinkin it might be better? or worse..? i don't know... there isn't, though.
just me. but not anymore.

laid up in the bed with me every night tellin me he loves me...how good it'll be in california...we're gunna get an apartment...he'll have a great job...be going to school....he even practically set up a job for me at the casino daycare down there...gunna "really start our life together" we were supposed to be working to "make things better for both of us"

an then he left me here. he fucking left me here.....an moved to cali...left me here telling me he loves me...knowing he didn't??
oh my god. ....this can't be happening.....

he fucking left me here. by my self. with *OUR* stuff...with his stuff.....the apartment..the bills...knowing i don't do so well by myself.....even when he would go back for a week to visit......mind you...since me and him lived in cali...i haven't been back once to visit...he's been back 3 times....

fucking left me. apparently a "while ago" too....too bad i just got the memo now..

how's he gunna go an look at apartments out there for "us" an tell me about them.....knowing damn well i won't ever see one...??
...tell me that...we could get married.....we were gunna be together forever...i was the one for him. i made him happy.

oh my fucking god.

i'm so hurt. i think it honestly hurts more knowing that i had to call him so many times for so long to find this all out....
it was like.......he was never even going to tell me.....just call less an less an less an then not at all??

why didn't he tell me? if there were problems i would have worked with him on it....
something i did....said....didn't say or do.....

is it my fault? i feel bad enough about the whole fucking thing...should i feel worse..?

"i know you love me, an you deserve someone who feels the same about you.." HE SAID THAT! he's been having those thoughts for a while....A WHILE! whats a while...?? we were together for FOUR frickin years....FOUR! that's the longest i've been with anyone...

i've done stuff with him...that i probably wouldn't of if i hadn't been with him...

i feel like i can't even breath....i'm just so crushed by this.....
how?? how could he not tell me?? do i not matter enough to inform about that?? i mean....it's my heart an my life, too.........

why couldn't he tell me.......he even went as far as to say that he was fed up with me. he was mad at me..... but why?????? what'd i do?? i was good to him....yea i might be the semi-jealous type...but i was a decent girlfriend...

i'm a good person.....right? i can be.......

i can't be by myself....i don't know how....its been so long...i love him so much....god, i miss him....
he should have told me to my face...before he even left...

why'd he string me along...? why'd he lie an say he loved me when he left an that we'd be living together again soon..?

oh god, i don't know anything anymore....i don't want to be alone....

....i don't want to be....

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Friday, September 8th, 2006
6:35 pm
did i mention that his credit card bill, overdue doctor AND chiropractor bill still come to the apartment?????
cuz they do.
i had to cancel my home phone service.
i can't afford to buy a new car (not that i was going to anyway, cuz i thought i was moving to california where his mom was going to give me her car an buy a new one....) but now i don't know if that's gunna happen.

yup. i'm fucked.

i just don't fucking get it.

this is retarded.

300 dollar credit card bill for him
100 dollar chiropractor bill for him
75 dollar doctor bill for him
house phone
my cell phone
my 150 dollar doctor bill
my 50 dollar chiropractor bill
my freakin 900 credit card bill...that's so high CUZ OF HIM. (an partly my ex roommate, but i am NOT going there right not.)
ldsajflkasdf fucker.
what the fuck.

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5:44 pm
would you date me?

not *you* personally....but "you"...just..in general, i guess...

cuz i'm not quite sure if spencer wants to anymore... but i don't know why.

after all that shit i wrote about before...he went to san fransisco again... for a second time! why? for who? to do what??? i have no idea. an he had told me that he might go.. (not that he *was* going) but that he would call me before he left.. never did. he also said that he would gimme money for rent.. (considering he *is* still on the lease and does need to pay half...since he makes so damn much money every single week.) rent is like 815 a month. asldkfjoisadjg! i only get about 1050 a month. helloooo!!! other bills here. slakdjfklsjadf jackass. he told me he could only send me 250. THEN HE DIDN'T DO IT! he "spaced it out" an was "sorry" so 7 days later he put in 300....(mind you, i didn't talk to him during those 7 days cuz he went off to san fransisco again an didn't call me before he left, when he got home or at all for that whole damned time) i think he's only called me about 5 MAYBE 6 times in the last 2 months.

what the FUCK is wrong with me?
what the fuck is wrong with him?

laksjf i mean...come on. y'know?

so anyway...i paid as much of the rent as i could, an then he gave me the 300 which after paying the difference left me with 20 bucks. BUT it wasn't enough $$$ for the late fee (that's his fault) an now i won't get more money till the 15th (when the late fee is INCREASED) an so now, i'm going to have to pay 25 on the 15th (if i can get to the bank...mind you i don't have a car anymore cuz the head gaskets blew out when i was coming home from the airport to send him to california....) aslkdjfoisdjg an if the 25 bucks ain't in the landlords hand by like 5pm..... its an EXTRA 35 dollars. asldkfjosiadjflksdjf fucking fucker. what the hell.

does this make any sense??
i feel like i'm gettin played.

if he's got some bitch in san fransisco................

....i'ma kill her......

an i wouldn't do so well in jail. heh.

why does he want to go to san fransisco so much??? lksadjflksjf it takes like "7 hours" he said. hellllooooo!! can anyone say high gas prices?????? fucker. that's TWO whole tanks of gas for just there an back (so he said) without "hangin out" there...... but he has gotten mad at me for spending, like, maybe 30-40 bucks at the bar once a paycheck.

that bastard.

laksdjfsoiadjfkd!!! an right after he got mad about the bar..... he said he was going to go get a tattoo. !!!!!!!
i was going to do that, too. an was going to get a bomb deal... like, both the ones i wanted for around a 100 or less.. (two shops, two estimates) yea. he got mad. an then told me what his is gunna look like!! *SMACK!!!* fucker.

a scantily clad bazooka (or rocket launcher) bitch with a smoke in her mouth an tig ol bitties. :/
i just wanna scream.
but i can't get two kick ass lil tattoos on my feet????


i hate men.
(just some of them, though..)

to be honest...i don't know what to do...it's been like...huh...4 years with him. heh. an we've been thru A LOT together. A LOT. how's he gunna throw that away for whatthefuckever is in san fransisco an "going to bed"?????
cuz the few times he has called me lately.... that's what he's said. when he KNOWS an knows DAMN WELL that we need to talk. i've told him basically how i feel about what's been going on...an i don't even know what's going on!!!
do i dump him?
did he dump me?
is he dumb?
or am i?

i just don't know.

we're going on like, the 4th period where he's said "i'll call you later." i talked to him the first time he went to san fransisco, then not for 4 days. then I CALLED talk to him for just a little while an he said he was pissed at me an fed up an thats why he didn't call me. then I CALLED to talk to him like 5-6 days later (cuz he said he'd call me, but didn't) talked for bout a half hour an he said he wasn't even mad at me, hes just been busy an depressed but can't tell me why....but he'll call me tomorrow... then i CALLED HIM AGAIN like 3 days later to remind him about the money. cuz ya know, he's obligated. sorry. his name is on that lease just as fucking much as mine. an he promised that when he left, he would send me something like 500 or so a month at least...i've barely gotten 500 since he's been gone. he said he'd put the money in tomorrow. never did. didn't call. i was soooo pissed. what do i do? i called him again like 7 days after that.. mind you, i could have called him more.... but should i have had to? no. i didn't think so either. he answered an said that he was gettin yelled at an had been trying to lay down for the past 3 hours but people JUST KEEP CALLING HIM. *shoots herself in the fucking face.* it sure as shit wasn't me. an he said that he was sorry an that he spaced out the money thing. didn't say one single word about having gone to san fransisco. (his mom told me he went during one of the "lemme just try calling again..." things... fucker. didn't say anything about it!! we talked for less than 5 minutes. he needed to go cuz he was busy. he said he'd call me later. HE DID! at TWO IN THE GODDAMN MORNING! yea...sure...i was already awake...(still awake?) it's all the same... he called. yup. to say that he got all his homework done an moved some boxes to the new house an that he was GOING TO BED. he'll call me tomorrow....(this was wednesday..) still hasn't called.

yup. my life rocks so fucking hard.
oh yea. i'm cool. *nod* it's going great.

if i had more money i would have been in california already.

...take me to san fransisco, bitch.

sooo.........yea. i don't know what to do. i've always thought about spencer as like.. "the guy" y'know? for the last 4 years. it's been pretty damn great.....

....now i think about spencer an my stomach hurts....
it actually made me throw up one day.

what the fuck do i do?
i can't eat...can't sleep...can't talk to him to "fix things"....
can't even talk to him long enough to dump him if i ever even had the fucking balls to!

i... just wanna die sometimes........

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Sunday, August 27th, 2006
8:06 pm
it's been so long.
i don't even really know why i keep looking at this thing, periodically...
i read other ones, but i never really update mine (as you can see) ..almost a year this time..that has to be a record.

so, what's new, what's new??

..i still have the same job. yay! go daycare lady! rock on. spencer moved to california two months ago.
i still live in minnesota. :/
i was supposed to go out there around now...but i don't know.
no one wants to rent my apartment, (which is what i gotta get done before i move..) but no one wants it cuz they don't want to "live in the ghetto" even though it's not really *that* bad... they don't beleive me.

anyone want to move to minnesota? please? pretty please?

but at the same time, me an spencer i think are fighting right now? i say "think" and use "?" cuz i'm not quite sure...
we're not really talking. which is really weird cuz we used to talk like 3-4 times a day (never for really long, which is okay...but we'd talk.) i haven't talked to him in 4 days. blah. the last time i talked to him he said that i pissed him off an that he was fed up. which is why he hadn't called me...in 4 days. so minus one crappy, 3 1/2 minute phone call that didn't change anything, i haven't really talked to him in 8 days. since like, saturday the 19th or something. he left that friday to go on a drive to "clear his head" (but wouldn't tell me why) an ended up on the beach in san fransisco with a bottle of whiskey. then he called me like, saturday night, which is when i found out that he was in san fransisco...he told me bout the liquor but not where he was going. heh. funny... then he said he was goin back home to san diego that day an i didn't talk to him till wednesday. i talked to his mom, who said he didn't leave san fransisco until some time sunday afternoon or something. again, funny...
when i talked to him on wednesday, he was not interested in talkin to me at all. don't know why. don't know what's going on. :/ again with this funny stuff.....

as for the rest of the year between last october and now...things have been goin pretty good. me an spencer were doin real good. working an saving money..not racking up anymore debt...we even paid some stuff off! heh. it was really nice... we made some kick ass plans for him to go to cali and get this sheet metal union job and get paid lots/hour an whatnot, with benefits an paid for schooling an everything... an about a month after he went out there i was going to go out there to. then we'd be all...having money and happy and like, family starting and stuff. but no. not now?? i don't know..

those plans were made way back in like march...so lots of stuff during the past year have been kind of leading up to this. but this is different. this is not planned. this is stinky.

other things have been going good, though. i'm uh, healthy and alive and stuff... i'm getting another tattoo, soon. i think on friday.. two, really, if you want to get technical... (one on each foot.) so that's going to be fun stuff. i'm going to get a moon an stars on my right foot an a sun with like "sun flower-ish" rays on my left foot...i'm going to have to post a picture. it'll be cool.

i uh, got a new cell phone. my other one was,uh, 4 years old... got it so i could talk to spencer long distance for "free" an so i could have a phone... that was a looonnnnggg time ago.
had that phone as long as i had spencer.....
or him longer?
slkadjf bah.
oh well. that's all thats new, pretty much...
that an going to the bar a lot.
speaking of, it's about that time......ta-ta.

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Saturday, October 22nd, 2005
5:27 pm
i got my haaaaiiiirrrrr cut!
uh, i cut my hair off. a while ago. heh. like 8 inches. it's hot.

i've been having really bad luck lately.


1.i got preggo an had a miscarriage
2.got summoned for jury duty
3.my car broke down
4.had to pay to fix my car
5.favorite coworker quit
6.2nd favorite coworker quit
7.i can't find a better job
8.got the flu
9.got strep throat
10.woke up with pink eye
11.had to GO TO jury duty
12.couldn't get out of jury duty
13.my car broke down
14.my car got hit in the parking lot
15.still have pink eye
16.still feel like shit
17.may be preggo.....again....
oh yea, an cuz of jury duty (which pays a lovely 20 bucks a day...)
18.i'm short for rent.
3-17 happened all in this last week.
it isn't *that* bad i guess. . . i did end up getting out of jury duty after two horrible days of hell...but still!!!

i'm so mad. this fucker hit my car in the parking lot this morning. an then he flippin left. an now my car is fucked up. there's no body damage....but the dumbass hit my car, stopped, an then went forward again an proceeded to push my car while it was (obviously) parked. lsakdfoiasdgnlksadjlkfsd;jfkldhgk;aldj!!!!
so i went out there an was checkin to see if it was fucked up an i got it started an shit, but when i went to change gears an drive around the block, it wouldn't shift for nothing. :/ i got itinto P,N, then D but it didn't go back to P easy an then my car died an i put it back into park an now it won't start an the shifter just kinda flies back an forth between the gears cuz it ain't connected to the transmission parts anymore.

ugh. an i've been kinda fighting with spencer lately. . .apparently i get really crabby when i don't get sex "often enough".... i don't think that's true. i get lots of lovin an i ain't that crabby....

lskdjf time to go look up estimates of damages so i know approximately how much money i probably won't be getting from this asshole that hit my car. . .

have a nice day.

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Saturday, July 2nd, 2005
4:17 pm

done with applications.

tummy hurts :(

can't even find camera nevermind work it.

putting picture up later.

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(inflict pain)

2:44 pm
hello, again!
long time no write. . .

just to catch anyone who reads up to speed: still with spencer, still at our apartment, still work at a daycare, still finding new job. heh.

so it's almost my birthday (july 24), an then it's almost spencers birthday (august 14).

we want to go an visit california, but we don't know when we'll be able to. .

i've changed so much in the last four months. . my hair is it's natural color again, i've lost weight, gained confidence. . got new clothes. lol instead of boy tee's an baggy jeans i wear tight ass jeans an tank tops an flip flops an. . . . . .i'm tan. lol i'm hot. no more pasty-pale-jaundice look for me! as soon as i find out how to use my dad's digicam i'm gunna put a picture up. . if i can. . . i don't go on computers much anymore. . spencers mom sent me this really awesome shall-poncho thingie. . . it's 100% silk an it smelled kinda funny when i got it, but it's like, blackish purple, an grayish silver. . .it's hot.

everythings been goin alright lately, same shit different day,basically. my roommate sucks ass, tho. . but i'm dealing with her. heh. works okay but i work with way too many females, an there's way too much estrogen. girls are mean.

i'm tryin to get a job at a bank, even tho banks suck. .cuz then i might have a better chance at getting a loan, an if we can get a loan we can *move* to california instead of just visiting. spencer really misses it. i mean, it's pretty gorgeous out here in minnesota now a days. . .we've been fishing lots an seeing the sights an whatnot, but still. . . california. . *cream* god i miss it. i'm not leaving MN till i go to valleyfair again, tho. *stands firm.*

. . .lots an lots an lots an lots of people getting killed around here lately. . .

well, that's about it. . i'm off to work a camera(sp?) an fill out applications. . . .please give me a new job. . . .

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Sunday, March 20th, 2005
2:57 pm

sometimes i hate my life.

so things are going confusingly. works ok, stupid night jobs ok. making money but not saving money. that sucks. work all the time an can't hardly do anything. . things are too expensive, too. bah.

least i finally got my insurance stuff taken care of so i dont have to worry about paying arms an legs for that. i almost had to go to the hospital last night. . :( my stomach hurt so bad.... spencer was worried. it feels alright, now. .but we'll see. i'm going to the dr friday.

i just found out that more old people i know just died. only one of them was nice so does that mean i only have to feel half as bad?? heh. i know, that's bad. but he was an asshole. to me anyway. . . .

my parents got some money comin in from some kind of good loan thing. they refinanced to pay off the house an shit, an they're gunna loan *coughgive* me like five or six hundred to help get a new car an stuff. antake a trip down to california. i miss it. heh. an spencer wants to meet his family. . .

....i totally feel like there is NO balance.

anyway. . another time.

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Wednesday, December 22nd, 2004
7:44 pm
oh my god. i haven't done this thing in forEVER!

almost forgot about it. . . .

SO. what's new, what's new. . .

i moved!! again! into my OWN apartment. with spencer an jennie. an my typing sucks right now. heh.

it's great. an it's christmas. an i'm poor. an it sucks. lol BUT! if you want to send me something. . .i give you address. :P

but yea. works goin good. love the kiddies. hehe. yay babies are fun. ain't havin any of my own anytime soon, tho. so that's good. lol

it's weird updating this thing. oh well. once we get a computer. . *HINT* i can do it more often. lmao BUY ME ONE! :P

uhhhhhhhh. . so yea. i went to the dollar store to get stocking stuffers. an i'm starting (and finishing) my christmas shopping thursday night and friday. ugh. but, it'll all work out.

cuz i live with spencer
an i got an apartment
an i really like the carpet
cuz it's really coooollll an i have my own rooooommm
that i share with spencer. . an we gots two closets. an its really cool.


an uh. . . . .i guess that's it.
i should take a picture an put it up here. i look mad different. i'm getting all skinny-er. (not too skinny. gotta stay a lil squishy. . .mmmmmmmmmmhealthy. .)
an my hair!! good gracious. it's all one color an it's a NORMAL color. (normal = not from bottle.) it's MY hair color.

teeheehee. i'm puuurrrdddyy.

well, i'm at my night job right now. . i do night-care for domestic abuse/ged/ESL classes an whatnot in the same center as the daycare i work at. Robin is watching the kids now.

BREAK TIME!! woot woot!

so uh....hit me up with an email or something an lemme know what's goin on. if anyone reads this. :P


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Saturday, October 23rd, 2004
3:18 pm
yay. pumpkins pumpkins pumpkins!!!
i get to carve pumpkins!

we got like 8 kick ass pumpkins. weeee!

i might even do some. . . NOW.

oh yea. lsafjddskljdsaf can't get my wisdom teeth out till nov 18th. right before turkey day.

an it's gunna be like. . . 1000 dollars. but i already have 500. but i only get payed once more from L&G an maybe 3 more times from my dad. . .i dunno. i still doubt i'll have enough money. . .

i wanna cut up pumpkins.


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Saturday, September 18th, 2004
7:03 pm
heh. long time no write. . .

it's been *almost* two months. but that's okay, cuz almost doesn't count, right? right.

anyway, we're in minnesota. (duh, huh?) but everything is goin great. i got a nice job like, 2 weeks after we got back. . same with spencer. i work at a daycare center. it's nice. the kids are so freakin adorable. . .only sucky thing is that no one will let me bring the kids home. . . heheh. cept the parents. . most of them don't mind much. . they're so cute!
the first like 3 weeks i worked there i was working one on one with an autistic boy. . aldskjfalighlaklsglikasdklgjasdlkjglj an i couldn't even beat him.

he kicked my ass like every single freaking day!
but it's okay. . cuz i got paid for it. but seriously, tho. . some of my bruises just went away within the last few days. it sucked. but now he's back at school an i miss him. his lil bro is so cute, too. but he's naughty. .:/ *shakes fist* damn child abuse laws. . . *cough*

i really wanna baaaabbbbbbbyyy. . .er. nevermind.

spencer runs my dads tow shop. *shrug* he likes it for now i guess cuz he can do his school work an stuff an he doesn't have to do that much stuff. an he's makin alright money. *nod*

been lookin at apartments an whatnot. just can't decide whether or not to get a 3 bedroom right away. . . or just a 2. . .bah well. time will tell.

oh yea. TEETH SUCK THE ASS. especially the teeth of the wisdom sort. *groans an whines* my whole freaking face hurts. well. . .half of it anyway. oooowwwwwwwwwiiiiieeeeee. oragel an ibuprofen are barely keepin me sane.

dahwell, i shall have health/dental insurance soon enough. *hopes*

Current Mood: teething. . but high. :)

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Friday, July 16th, 2004
6:57 pm
me an spencer are movin to minnesota.
we leave on the 22nd of july.

incase i don't, an i probably won't, happy birthday apoc! (and me!)

uh yea. so. . . we're movin back to minnesota. an we're gunna get an apartment an it'll be good.


oh yea. JENNIE already has a freaking apartment.

that makes me so angry.

live goes on.

bye bye.

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Tuesday, May 25th, 2004
10:31 am
uh oh
oh holy hell i haven't updated this thing in almost two months.

heh. sorry.

who cares anyway, tho. lol

SO. i'm still in el cajon with spencer an his mom an sis. we're only gunna be here for two more months an then we're goin to minnesota for a while. i'm not sure if we're just going to be visiting there. or if we are going to move there, or what. i'm excited tho, i haven't seen my family since january. i miss my lil bro. heh. an chillin with him an shit. but yea. livin here is nice now.

i lost so much weight since i left minnesota. i look an feel so much better now. i'm gettin all golden tan an my hair is almost back to its natural color. i had to buy new pants cuz mine kept falling off. . .hehe. they're cute.

i think spencer is gunna pay for my second tattoo soon.

an friday we're gunna go get his done too, i think. *dances* it'll be cool lookin.

he's at work right now an for the first time in like, the past two months. . i don't have anything to do. i was gunna lay in the sun, but it's cloudy. eh. oh well heh.

but yea, that's about it. things are good. :)

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Saturday, March 27th, 2004
1:55 pm

the last. . .since i updated this journal. . .portion of my life has been. . interesting.
i got offered a job then almost couldnt take it, then offered a different job an didn't wanna take it. .then i trained for that job an got un-offered the other job. then i started the job i took an now spencers getting trained for a job there too.

things are good now.

ugh. it's hard being in california. but at least i don't have anything to worry about anymore.

i'm still alive. even more so now than i was a week ago. i just hope i can get full time at the store soon so that i can get medical. cuz my shitty free medi-cal crap runs out at the the end of the month. . . .eh. it's all good.

anywhoser. time to go an bask in the beautifulness that is the glow from the television.


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Tuesday, February 10th, 2004
1:25 pm
so. . i was enjoying everything that was goin on in socal, right? me an spencer were happy. most importantly. *I* was happy. everything was working out. we had money, job prospects, a vehicle to use. . . everything was goin great.

now since like, last tuesday. . .everything has been shit-fucking-tastic again.
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this sucks so much right now. i have no idea what to do. :/

that's about all the shitty news for now. . .i'll update more later when everything i have to say doesn't suck.

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Monday, February 2nd, 2004
10:08 am
uhh. .that was weird. i got an email saying that my account was going to shut down or something. an when i read it, it said that it was going from a paid account back to a free account. thing is. . . i Never had a paid account. . to my knowledge. .

that's kinda odd. unless someone paid for my account an never told me. .which wouldda been dumb. . cuz i never did anything special with it or nothing. .

i dunno. i don't remember. :/

it's weird.

but yes. moving on. california is way too bright for me. but it's nice here.

an that's about it for now.


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